Re(factored U)Larn

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Here are a couple of screenshots from the new 2.2 windowed mode. As you can see, it looks a lot like running the game in a terminal.

Here's the town:


And here's a cave level:


Here are some shots from the previous version running in a terminal. To make it look cooler, I'm using Cool Retro Term to bring the 80s Unix look.

This is some typical gameplay:


More caves!

And here's the nifty new(ish) inventory menu:

Inventory menu

While CRT can display colours, it's not quite flexible enough to show the field-of-view or unexplored squares so I had to turn those off for these. (I guess that's true to the whole retro look though.)

On rxvt, it looks fine:

Inventory menu

And here it is on a macOS Terminal with a light background:

Inventory menu

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