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About ReLarn

ReLarn is a fork of the classic old-school Roguelike game Ularn (which itself was a fork of the classic old-school Roguelike game Larn). Unlike most forks of Roguelikes, ReLarn (mostly) doesn't add weapons, monsters or other gameplay and instead focuses on making the game work smoothly on modern hardware and making the source code easier to read and maintain.

That said, there are some gameplay changes. Some came out of source code cleanup, others fixed longstanding annoyances and there are a few things I put in just for fun. But mostly, it's still the classic Ularn experience with less irritation.

Notable player-visible changes are:

Notable developer-level changes are:

I started this project in 2010 while working a particularly challenging job and needed a creative(ish) project that was not overly mentally taxing. Refactoring a program that already (mostly) worked turned out to be the right thing and I worked on this off and on until 2018 when I got sick of it and shipped what I had.

Since then, I've worked on it off and on just for fun.


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