Re(factored U)Larn

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The latest version is 2.2.1. This is a bug fix against 2.2.0.

Installation notes are here. Previous releases are here.


Source Code

Retro Fonts

Here is a collection of retro-inspired fonts stolen from Cool Retro Term:

Drop them in your .relarn directory, add one to your relarnrc file and crank some synthwave to recreate that '80s vibe.

Linux Binaries

We provide both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries.

Windowed (SDL) version:

Console (TTY) version:

macOS Binaries

Windowed (SDL) version:

Console (TTY) version:

Windowed (SDL) version as a macOS App bundle (EXPERIMENTAL)

Windows Binaries

Only the windowed version is supported on Windows.

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