Re(factored U)Larn

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Binary Releases


Binary releases are distributed as tarballs or zipballs (sorry, no installers or packages) containing files in the common Unix layout. As such, you could unzip one and use cp -a to copy them into a system-wide location (e.g. /usr/local/games). However, you're probably better off just unpacking them somewhere and creating a launch script somewhere in your path.


Note that the SDL version of ReLarn requires at least SDL 2.0.5 (plus the corresponding SDL TTF library). If you use Ubuntu Linux, this means you will need to use at least Ubuntu 18LTS (or do something unnecessarily clever). You can install the dependencies with:

sudo apt install libsdl2-2.0-0 libsdl2-ttf-2.0-0

The TTY version is mostly statically linked and probably doesn't need anything else. (I tried it on a stock Ubuntu 14 Docker image and it Just Worked so I'm calling it done.)


There is no installer for ReLarn. Instead, you just unzip the files somewhere and (optionally) create shortcuts to the programs in bin. To uninstall, just delete the folder.

ReLarn stores most of your game-related files in the folder ReLarn in Documents. If you have moved it to a non-standard location, it may have trouble finding it. It will also have trouble if there are non-ASCII Unicode characters in your path; ReLarn has trouble dealing with Unicode on Windows. In any of these cases (or if you just want to move the folder somewhere else), you can override the location by setting the environment variable RELARN_CONFIG_HOME to your prefered folder.


The preferred way to install the macOS binaries is to do the Linux thing and unpack the tarball or zipball somewhere and then optionally either add the bin directory to your path or create a launch script. You should not need to install anything else for ReLarn to work.

There is also a dmg file containing a macOS app bundle. This was made without the conventional macOS toolchain and so may not work for you. If not, um, oops?

The binaries were built on my development machine which runs Mojave and were briefly tested against on a computer running High Sierra. I have not tested it against Catalina.

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