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ReLarn is an old-school text-based Roguelike game based on Ularn but with many quality-of-life improvements and much better support for modern computers and operating systems.


2023-10-03 - Release 2.2.2

This release fixes a few gameplay and non-gameplay bugs, includes a default font for the SDL version to use, and adds a few internal and build-process tweaks. See for details.

2020-07-01 - Binaries for 2.2.1

There are now binaries available for Windows, Linux and macOS here with installation notes here.

There are also new screenshots.

2020-06-29 - New Release, 2.2.0^H1

Version 2.2.0 is finally out.

This version adds:

More details here.

Check it out in the downloads page. Binaries are coming soon.


And as soon as I pushed everything to the outside world, I found a tiny bug in parsing the config file.

It figures.

It's now fixed. The latest release is now 2.2.1. Binaries are still on the way.

2020-06-02 - Website Update and move to Gitlab

The project is now hosted on Gitlab at The GitHub repo will continue to be a mirror of this repository for the forseeable future although some related repositories (this website, the CI build scripts) may be removed from there.

In addition, the website has been redesigned to really lean in to the 80s Unix aesthetic.

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