Re(factored U)Larn

ReLarn is a fork of the classic Roguelike game Ularn, extensively refactored for maintainability and updated to take advantage of modern compilers, operating systems, and computers.

ReLarn adds (almost) no new gameplay elements. The main goal of this project is to provide a hackable version of the game that can a) be ported to new platforms (e.g. phones, GUIs) and b) be used as the starting point for new variants. It also has better(?) usability.

A more detailed list of changes is here and the man page is here.


Currently, ReLarn only supports a text-based interface, so it looks as good or bad as your console window settings.

The game starts at the town level:

The town level

But the caves are nearby:

Exploring the dungeon

Here's the nifty new menu interface, showing the inventory:

The inventory screen


To properly replicate your 80s Unix experience (and not because I am lazy), you will need to build ReLarn yourself from source code (available here). Currently, only Unix-like operating systems are supported, although Cygwin will do the job on Windows.

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